Notice of “Special Tuition Support Fund(Grant)” for students enrolling in the 2024 academic year

In preparation for the opening of the school next April, we have decided to provide a Special Tuition Support Fund to “All Students” who will enroll in April 2024.

The following amounts will be awarded to those who have completed the enrollment procedures by the end of the application period.

Enrollment period for the 2024 academic year for “Nagoya YWCA International Course (NYAIC)”

School Information Session& consultation,
and Interview at NYAIC
The result of the Interview at NYAICNYAIC Admission ProceduresYMCA Gakuin High School
Application Procedures YMCA
YMCA Admission Procedures

*Funds are allocated proportionally based on the number of times tuition fees are paid, and are disbursed at the time tuition fees are paid.
*The “Special Tuition Support Fund” is a one-year scholarship.
 Other scholarships may be available for the following year.
*Applications may be closed if the number of applicants reaches the maximum number during the application period.

Steps from Application to Enrollment
STEP① Attend NYAIC school information session and individual consultation
STEP② Interview at NYAIC (applicant and guarantor)
STEP③ Complete admission procedures at NYAIC
STEP④ Apply for YMCA Gakuin High School (wide area correspondence high school)
STEP⑤ Complete the admission procedures at YMCA Gakuin High School
STEP⑥ Enrollment at NYAIC and YMCA Gakuin High School